I’ll Tumble For Ya

So I took a tumble on my trail run today.  And it’s not like I could say I was flying down this steep hill or anything.  I was on the flats, moved out of the way for a hiker and her dogs, said ‘good morning’, turned my head back to the trail and boom, down  I went.

On all fours I did a brief body scan.  Hands, scraped but ok, knee, ouch and pride, well, wounded.  I slowly got up, noticed that my knee was bleeding so I dabbed at it with my shirt and continued my run.

As the blood dripped down my leg I stopped, wiped it off with my shirt and then grabbed a few leaves and applied them as “nature’s bandaid” and kept going.  I had a fleeting moment when I considered turning around and going home but after my examination and field first aid, I knew it was “just a flesh wound” so I kept going.

Normally, long drawn out leads have a point.  Today is no different,  and consider it a “BONUS” day because there are  2 points I want to make.

Point Number 1

There may something that causes you to turn around and go back home, skip the gym, sleep through your alarm or otherwise take a pass on your planned fitness activity.

It might not be biting it hard on the trail.  In fact, more often than not it’s your own  head that gets in your way (I’m too tired, I’m too busy, I don’t want people to see me exercising outside, I’m out of shape, etc.).  I implore you to ignore that feeling.

If you find yourself in that head space here’s what I want you to do.  Stop. Shake.  Continue.

Stop your movement.  Stop walking, stop getting dressed, just stop.

Shake your head.  Just a little shake.  Consider it shaking that negativity, self-doubt, self-consciousness and general ‘meh’ out of your head.

Continue.   Resume your walk, resume getting your shoes on, resume your run.

This small re-set saves my bacon all the time.  Give it a try.

Point Number 2

If you see fall or trip in front of you,  please stop your phone conversation, and ask if you can help them up.  Even if they say they’re fine, at least stand there and wait to make sure.  Common courtesy and all that.

Now go run!

Keli 🙂

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