Tip #3 – A Little Money Goes a Long Way

Invest in a gym membership, classes or streaming to help keep you motivated and on track.

Ok, you’ve made a decision to get off your tuchus and get in shape.   In this day and age there are thousands of ways to go about it.  You can download an app, troll IG and find some #fitspo, or just type “get in shape” into your google search bar and all of a sudden you’ll magically have ads and paid posts appear when you’re scrolling through FB.  (Hello, privacy?)

My biggest pet peeve in the fit industry is the plethora of “experts” out there wanting your hard-earned cash.  I mean just because Karen (just a random name I pulled, not a real person I know) lost a ton of weight and is posting her newfound abs on IG and sells a program for $99 so YOU TOO can look like Karen, doesn’t mean you should.

I mean, who is Karen?  What’s her background?  What’s her deal?  Just because Karen looks good in her feed and had pretty pictures doesn’t mean Karen knows what she’s talking about.

But enough about Karen.  Back to you.

If you want to get in shape, re-discover your abs or gain some strength, here are some of my tips.

Get a Gym Membership

I used to work for 24 Hr Nautilus (before it was 24 Hr Fitness) for many, many years so I know a lot about them.  If you want to go the gym or fitness center route, please check out the following:

  • Are they open when you want to go? (Don’t roll your eyes, I used to sell memberships.)
  • Do they have what you’re looking for?  Classes at the time you can go, a good selection of equipment, more than one 10-lb dumbell?
  • Do they have trainers?  Are they certified (so they know of what they speak)? Do you see them on the floor?  Are they helping gym-goers or just scrolling on IG?  Can you have a few free sessions so you can learn what to do and craft a plan based on what you need?
  • Do they have lockers?  Does the facility look clean?  Are there cleaning supplies near the cardio or on the floor so you can mop up your sweat?
  • Do they have towels you can use?  Tv’s to watch?  Wifi?  Minor details to some, major to others.
  • Can you try them out for free?

Now experts tout that you should join a gym close to work or home.  I say, if you can’t find a gym that has locations close to BOTH work and home, definitely opt for the one close to home.  Here’s why.

I admire that you are thinking about stealing away from work at lunch to catch a 45-min express class or to run on treadmill.  But in reality, most people have an hour for lunch  so you have to get to the gym, change, workout, take a shower (or not, ew) get dressed and get back to work.  Even if you take a 90 minute lunch, you will (contrary to what the pretty models in the magazine look like) be red-faced and sweating off your makeup in your 1:30 meeting.

A membership close to home allows you to workout before work and either zip home to get ready or shower and get ready at the gym.   Plus you can hit a weekend or evening class while little Jimmy or Janey is at soccer practice.

If you decide to join a gym please go month to month or 3 months max.  This gives you a good chance to test it out and see if it’s for you.  Please do not invest in a long term contract.

Subscribe to Streaming Services

Streaming services are a great way to get a huge bang for your buck.  You get hundreds of workouts and can decide if you want to do a 15 minute quickie workout, yoga or  a full 90 minute class.  Beachbody on Demand and Daily Burn are a few that I’ve tried.

Here’s my take.

  • You can work out whenever you want.
  • You can find any kind of workout you want to do.  Training for a Spartan Race?  Check.  Latin Dance?  Si.  Butt and Thigh?  Yep. Core Fusion?  Sure.  Etc.
  • Basic services are between $9-14 a month.  And most offer a 7-14 day free trial.  Premium services are pricier but will unlock different trainers and the premium programs.
  • Some of the big names in fitness are on the various services. Bob Harper is on Daily Burn, Tony Horton is on Beachbody.  Plus there are other trainers that provide really good, high quality workouts.  I’ve been impressed by a lot of them.   I have also been less than impressed by some.  My biggest complaints are not fully explaining how an exercise should be performed and moving too quickly between exercises which can be dangerous for newbies.  Overall though, I’m a fan.
  • My advice is to start with a program instead of picking individual classes.   That way you’ll progress as intended and learn how the teacher teaches.  Cues, instruction, etc.
  • Some workouts require equipment, others none.  If you’re not sure if this is for you, start out with bodyweight only workouts and see.  You can add dumbells, bands, etc.  as you go.

Check Out Specific Programs and/or Classes 

Finding a boot-camp program, a boxing gym, HIIT studio, cycling studio or a local box are also other options for your fitness needs.   Here are some tips for selecting the right one.

  • Hours of operation, again, are they open when you need them?  Do they have classes when you want to go?
  • Are the instructors certified?  Do they just look pretty or fit or do they know what they’re doing?
  • What’s the word on the street?  Are people getting results?  Getting injured?
  • Do they offer a chance for you to try them out for free, before paying for a membership?
  • As a beginner, will you feel comfortable?  Will they accommodate any injury you may have or some limitations?  (This, my friends, is very important so if they can’t  do this for you, find something that will.)

The bottom line is there are a multitude of ways you can take care of YOUR bottom.

And whatever you choose, make sure that you ALWAYS feel that they have respect for where you are in your fitness journey.  And most importantly, that they do what they can to help YOU succeed.   Because, that’s why you’re paying them.

Now go run!

Keli 🙂






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