Tip #2 – Squad Goals

Find a buddy to hold yourself accountable to your goals.

This tip, #2 on my list of 52 things is, I think one of the most valuable.  It’s one thing to set your fitness goal, craft your plan of attack and then completely fail at the execution.  It happens all the time.

Working to reach your  fitness goal(s) can be a long process.  Motivation wanes, it gets harder to fit in your sessions when you have a husband and kids to feed, clothe and shuttle around and sometimes that snooze button is so damn appealing.  So trust me when I say that you should think about adding in some accountability to the mix.

You’re probably not alone.  I bet that you have friends who could also use some help staying motivated with their fitness routine.  So let’s think about working as a duo, group or tribe to help everyone reach their goals.  It’s the ‘when one of us rises, we all rise” mentality.

This can be done a few different ways.

The “We Can Workout Together Tribe”

Find someone that likes to run, hike, bike or swim.  And if you’re stuck, start letting it be known that you’re looking to get a few people together for some exercise sessions.  It’s easier than you think.  Then schedule your workouts at a time that works for you and then do it.

By committing to one another you’re creating a verbal contract that you’ll be there for each other.  You’ll  be less likely to bail on your swim if you know that Julie is waiting on the pool deck for you at 5:45am.  (Shout out to my lap buddy Julie McD!)

This kind of accountability works wonders when you are working out in the elements or in the early morning or evening.   These days, I run with my pal, Steph.  We meet at 5:30am twice a week and get in 4-6 miles (depending on where we are in training).  It’s safer and the miles tick by when you have a buddy to chat with.

And it’s ok, especially for runners, not to be at the same pace.  You can run for say, 40 minutes so you start together and end at the same time.  Sure it’s fun to run together and you can do that every now and then but don’t get too caught up in your pace.  Your goal is consistency.

The “I’m Ok, You’re OK, How About A Simple Check In?”

Not everyone wants to workout en mass but they still would like some accountability.

This can take the form of an encouraging text, a reminder to get up on the first alarm, or a post-workout check in.  At the minimum you can share your workout plan with your pal so that it’s on record and then send a brief note at the end of the week saying you crushed it and lay out your next weeks plan.

If you’re stuck finding a friend do work with you on this, Facebook groups are *perfect* for this type of accountability.

The “Pay to Play Route”

I know that there are many of you reading that are shaking your head saying “No way do I want to share that much with a friend or neighbor”.  I get it, so you may be better off hiring a complete stranger.

Accountability Coaches are a thing.  And they will lay out a plan for you that includes checking in on multiple platforms and lots of  TLC.  Some people do really well with this kind of attention and if you’re one of them,  find a person you can work with.  There should be no shame in your game.

So do yourself a favor and find your person, people, tribe or squad.  Set a plan in motion and go for it.  And if you’re stuck, let me know, I’m pretty good at that accountability thing.

Now go run!

Keli 🙂






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