Spartan Strong

My first Spartan Sprint race is this coming Sunday.  We have 10-12 people in our Spartan posse ready to crush the obstacles at AT&T Park in San Francisco.  (Shout out to my Spartan team, woot woot).

I’ve done a few mud runs and I’ve watched a Spartan competition show so I have the gist of the event.  However, as we all know, nothing is ever as it is on tv.

To get ready (and to help get my team ready) I’ve added Spartan-training to my boot-camp classes and did some extra training on my own using heavier weights and more body-weight movements.

The race will be challenging.  It will take effort.  It will definitely take some digging in.  We will need to work together as a team to haul each other over the wall(s), over hurdles, through things and up and down the stadium stairs.

And don’t think for a minute think that we’re all not a little nervous.  We are, but we will cross that finish line.  Grit, determination and a little bling at the end of a race is an amazing motivator!

So listen.  Get out there and find your own finish line to cross.  It doesn’t have to be a Spartan race or a race of any kind.  But look for something that excites, ignites and may even scare you and commit to it.  Push past your perceived limits.

You are more powerful than you think.  You are stronger than you think.  You are awesome and need to OWN it.

Now go run!

Keli 🙂

PS – if you’re free Sunday and want to join our team, click here to register.  We are racing in the 12:15-3:00pm slot (our time is 12:30pm but you have to select the 3 hr window). Use the team OutFIT Marin Boot-Camp and the password: bootcamp





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