Nine Things for Nine Years

Nine years ago this week OutFIT Marin Boot-Camp was born. It started very simply; a friend of mine mentioned that if I were interested, she could get a few of her friends together and I could do a boot-camp class for them.  I said yes (then spent the next week freaking out a bit, because that’s how I roll) and at 5:30 am on a Monday morning we started. In 2009 we started with 2 classes a week.  Then at the request of one of my participants I added a Friday class and in late 2013 I added Saturdays into the mix.   In the summer I add later classes to accommodate those who have summers off or don’t have to get kids out of the house so early. My class, my boot-camp peeps (as I like to call them) are very diverse.  I have some very fit people in my class.  I’ve had people who’ve not worked out before or for many years.  I’ve had teenagers, senior citizens, and all ages in between.  I had some men come in periodically but for some reason I have a rep that it’s a ladies’ club.  One that I’d like to dispel because I think that the guys are missing out. I LOVE teaching these classes.  It makes me happy and truly starts my day off on the right foot.  I’ve also developed wonderful friendships and relationships with my peeps. They are an amazing bunch and I’m honored that I get to train them, to see them get stronger, to improve their health.   It’s been life-changing for me.  And, I hope, for them. However, it’s not easy to get up for a 5:30am class.  That’s done outside.  In the dark for most of the year.   They have all figured out how to get it done so I thought I’d share a few tips to help get YOU out the door, or at least out of bed for your workout and to (eventually) enjoy it.
  1. Set your clothes out the night before.  Your husband will thank you and you won’t have to turn on all the lights looking for your sports bra.
  2. You’ll be tired when the alarm goes off.  We ALL are.  But once your tootsies hit the floor and you’re vertical, you’ll be fine.
  3. Don’t be motivated, be disciplined.  Listen, motivation is a fickle mistress and she bolts when the going gets tough.  Being disciplined means that even if you went to bed late, or ate a bag of cookies, you are getting up when your alarm goes off and working out.
  4. Find your tribe.   You need people to support what you are doing; IRL or virtually.  Knowing you’re meeting someone or being accountable to a group can help get you out of bed.
  5. Plan B.  Sometimes Plan A falls apart.  For example, it was raining the other morning so I didn’t run but I did a workout on Daily Burn instead.  It wasn’t ideal, but it got the job done.
  6. Create a reward.  I’m all for prizes so give yourself one when you do well.  Buy new socks, a new tank, a new yoga mat; anything that makes you happy or joyful.
  7. Hello Gorgeous.  I’m all about mantras and positive self-talk so get on with it.  You are a badass for getting up early to workout.  Own it.
  8. Hashtag it.  What’s more annoying that someone posting their workouts on the story?  Nothing.  That’s right – your story may be the inspiration someone else needs.  So have at it.
  9. Get up the next day and do it again.  A new habit needs tending, care and feeding.  Then it becomes ingrained and you’ll feel like crap when you skip a day and sleep in.  Hand to God, that’s the truth.
I know, I said 9, but I forgot the most important part. Don’t let slip ups derail you.  Even if you missed a week (month, year) of workouts, set that alarm, set your intention and get the hell up.  Remember, fall down 8 times, get up 9.   You’ve got this. Now go run! Keli 🙂

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