Now that summer is over it’s a great opportunity to check yourself, reset yourself and put the hammer down.

I’m calling it Setember.  (Hold on while I go trademark it.) Here’s how it works.

Take a few minutes to list out a goal you’d like to reach.    And please, don’t fret or stress about what you planned to do in January.  That ship has long sailed so why crap all over yourself about it.  Right?

Nope, we’re all about forward progress.  So what do you want to accomplish?  What’s reasonable?  And forget that long list of ways to better yourself.    Just. Pick. One. Thing.

List 2-3 actionable steps you need to do every day to help you reach that goal.  Think of it as Plan A, B and C.  Keep it simple.

Go for it.  Don’t get bogged down in reasons you can’t or why it’s not a good time.  The reasons you can’t are called excuses and it’s never a good time.  It’s called tough-love, Cookie, so let’s get cracking.

Track your success.  I have found that visual markers are vital to my success and I do it a variety of ways.  I’ll do a check mark on a calendar, affix post-it notes to my monitor that I pull off every day, etc.  Find what keeps you motivated and accountable.

So what does it look like, all put together?

Stop eating salt and pepper chips that I buy “for the kids”.

Action Steps
When a snacking urge hits, go for fruit.
Make watching tv a ‘no snack zone’.
Keep my book nearby so I can read when bored or fidgety.

Visual Cue
Make stars in my calendar to mark my success.  If I slip a day, that’s ok but at least I get back on track.  

So let’s get all up in Setember ‘s grill and do this.

Now go run!

Keli 🙂





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