Splish Splash

Due to a casual conversation a few months ago I’m now teaching a water fitness class at a local community pool once a week. 3efdf3f30b386e48a6f9ea2526638d21--swim-school-swim-caps My class consists of friends and neighbors of my friend’s mom.  

So the demographic is a bit different than my usual boot-camp participants or my Ragnar running team.

But no matter what age group or demographic I’m working with there are a few things that are the same.   They ALL want to:

  • Stay active.
  • Be physically able to do the activities they love or want to do.

So whether you hit the gym, the box, run trails, do boot-camp or get in the water for laps or some water aerobics, keep moving now so you can keep moving later.

Just ask the ladies at the Northbridge pool.

Now go run!

Keli 🙂


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