IDEA World Convention Wrap Up

In late June I attended the IDEA World Convention in San Diego.  Thousands of club and studio owners, group instructors, personal trainers, health coaches, wellness coaches, yoga and pilates and barre instructors descended on San Diego for this enormous event.

Finding my EPIC!
with Billy Blanks before a Tae Bo workout
with Chris Powell before 3 minutes of Burpees!

The convention was overwhelming to this first-timer.  There were classes, workshops, lectures and Q&A sessions that covered personal training techniques, training and exercise science, small-group & boot-camp, professional and business development, nutrition and behavior change, group exercise, working with specialized equipment and mind-body.  In addition there were showcase sessions, outdoor workouts, pool sessions and opportunities to workout with Tony Horton on the USS Midway, the Les Mills posse, Billy Blanks, Todd Durkin and Chris and Heidi Powell.  And much, much more…

The Expo was massive.  You could test products, buy equipment, watch presentations, etc.  In the center they had workouts happening all day long.  There was a nutrition section and there were samples of bars, snacks, drinks and other food items to test and take.  Not so many plant-based things to test but I’m hoping next year there’ll be more representation for us grass eaters.

When I registered a few months ago I picked a handful of classes, some workshops, sessions and then a few Q&A sessions.  I took notes like crazy, introduced myself to everyone who presented and made small-talk and chatted up other attendees.  We were all there to learn and it was a great environment for that.  #growth

The classes I took were hard.  I mean, we’re the fitness professionals, right?   I burpeed, squatted, pressed, pushed, punched, glided on disks and yoga’d with people of all shapes, sizes, ages and abilities.  I tried battle ropes, did box jumps on a box that came up to my knees (eek), high-fived, hoo-rah’d and counted out loud and proud.  It was fun.  It was hard.  I loved it!

I’d leave my hotel by 6:30am and get back at 5 or 5:30pm.  After doing 3 workouts a day and sitting in on the seminars and Q&A’s – I was beat!  And sweaty!  It was like a Ragnar Relay!

I left San Diego with tangible things I can do to  “up” my game as an instructor and a business owner.  I also left feeling that in the tiny fitness space I occupy, what I do is important.  I can’t wait til next year’s convention in Anaheim.

Now go run!

Keli 🙂

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