Have you set a fitness or health goal and reached it?  Mastered a move, skill, or conquered a fitness fear?  Run a marathon, run farther than a marathon or farther than you thought you ever could?  If so, I’m looking for YOU!

Or rather, WE’RE looking for you!

Fitness inspiration or #fitspo is a social media “thing”.  But, between you and me, can you really relate what you’re seeing on your Instagram feed?  I mean I love to watch fitness achievements from the younger generation but I also like to see people within a decade of my age group.

What we need are real folks like you and me who’ve managed, between work, family and kids, to get our fitness and/or health shit done.  Maybe even in Target leggings and the hubby’s college tee shirt.  That I can relate to.  And I bet you can too.

So send me your stories.  What were your goals, how did you reach them and most importantly, what is YOUR fitspo?  And even if you pick a Kardashian, it’s ok.  We still love you.

Email me at outfitmarin@gmail.com, message me on Facebook, or connect with me on Twitter.  And let’s have some fun, use #realfitspo when you post.  Ok, fine, have your kids show you how it’s done if you’re not quite sure.

Now go run!

Keli 🙂

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