Seek and ye shall find

I have an opportunity to train with some very strong and dedicated ladies.  Three mornings a week they drag themselves out of a warm, cozy bed and come to Boot Camp.  They show up in the rain, in the bitter cold of January (ok – to clarify we live about 20 minutes north of San Francisco so bitter cold to us is like 50), and when it’s pitch black outside.  In other words, when normal people are sleeping or inside!

Each gal is unique and at a different level of fitness.  But no matter what I ask, they deliver.  And therein lies some pretty hard core motivation and inspiration for me.

Face it, we all need motivation.  We all need inspiration.  We all need someone to push us to go a bit farther, a bit harder, a bit more out of our comfort zone.  When we see what’s possible in others it gives us a glimpse into what’s possible in ourselves.

You may find motivation from a coworker, a friend or even from reading “How I lost 100 pounds” in this week’s People magazine.  For me, it comes from a group of ladies busting out hill repeats on a chilly, dark Wednesday morning.

Now go run!

Keli 🙂



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