10 Things I Love About My Peloton

I’ve had my Peloton since August 11th. Well, now it’s “the family’s Peloton” – we all have accounts and when I come home from teaching boot-camp there’s usually a Honsberger family member’s tuchus parked on it.

Since I posted about my love affair with my Peloton a lot of people have asked me about it. So I thought I’d list the 10 things I love about it. In no particular order.

  1. It’s Convenient. It’s in my living room so I just roll into some clothes and strap on my shoes (sans socks) and away I go.
  2. Being Coached. In my “side” hustle I’m the one encouraging, motivating and inflicting extreme discomfort onto people so it’s refreshing to simply show up in my saddle and be told what to do.
  3. It’s Smooth. Listen, riding a Peloton is like a “knife going through peanut butter, the affordable kind”. (Shout out to Ally Love for that one!)
  4. No Cars, Car Doors, or People. I never liked road riding because I’m afraid of getting hit by a car, having a door open as I ride past and people who don’t know how to drive around riders. “Nuff said.
  5. Heat? Smoke? Dark? Doesn’t Matter. In Northern CA we now live and breathe by the AQI in late summer to fall so being able to hop on, no matter the air quality, temp or if it’s dark o’clock is really nice.
  6. Riding Helps Running. It’s only been a month, but my legs feel stronger and aren’t fatigued during my runs. Even when I was climbing the Dipsea stairs over the weekend, my quads were fine. (Now my calves, on the other hand…)
  7. Variety. I get bored easily so I need a lot of variety in my workout options. I can select a zillion types of rides, I can do yoga, strength training and even meditation. Plus I can select a 10 minute or 45 minute workout. (Note: The Peloton workouts are *not* included in the bike price. You pay $39 per month for that. But if you have United Healthcare, you get $155 towards your subscription.)
  8. The Sweat. About 16 minutes into a ride I’m sweating bullets. Like, take my glasses off and mop my face sweat. And I freaking LOVE it.
  9. The Instructors. I’ve tried quite a few different instructors and while they have their certain vibe, music and style, they all share one thing in common, they are motivating and positive and will meet you where you are while giving you a nudge and reminder that you showed up so let’s get to it.
  10. The Leaderboard. I’m usually only competitive with myself (did I run faster this week, was I able to get lower in my squats, etc.) But that dang Leaderboard? Honey, I work to climb it. ‘That’s right, I see you #easyrider (made up name), I’m coming for you’. Brad told me today that he “crushed” this person ahead of him. I was surprised but secretly impressed.

If you already have a bike or don’t want to spend the money on the bike, you can subscribe to the streaming service and take advantage of the workouts on your own. You won’t get the real time leaderboard but it’s a good option if you are on the fence and want to check it out.

And if you’re on Peloton, find me, I’m #seekeliride.

Now go run!

Keli 🙂

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