Like a Goat

During my run this morning, I decided to zig instead of zag and ended up going farther along the trail.   And this sudden change in my plans rewarded me with goats.

Our county periodically brings in herds of goats to eat the tall grasses, clear out the underbrush and create a fire safety zone for homes that live close to the open space.

I’ve seen the “goat grazers” and “wooly weeders” before, but usually from a car as I drive past the countryside.  The goats grazing near my house are bigger than I expected (and yes, I’ve seen goats before but I guess I thought they’d be smaller, like the goats in Goat Yoga) and they just munch on the grass, looking as happy as, well, a goat munching grass could look.

I had a little epiphany as I stood on the trail watching them.  When the goats were done grazing in a spot, they moved on to the next.  If another goat got too close or started eating in their patch, they moved over, forward or back.

So I thought that it was a pretty good way to go through life.  If you’re done in one area, move on.  If someone comes into your space, gets too close, crowds you, take a step to the right, left, or forward and continue what you’re doing.   If you aren’t finding what you need, get yourself to a new place.

Goats, from what I see, don’t complain.  They don’t pitch a fit.  They don’t post passive aggressive things on social media.  They may kick or butt as they leave, but they move on.

To greener pastures maybe.  Not always a bad idea.

Now go run!

Keli 🙂


2 thoughts on “Like a Goat

  1. Carolyn Honsberger


    Great post! I’ve always found the goats interesting. Wish I had the ‘up close and personal’ experience that you had this morning.



  2. Katy

    Nice! That’s what I sometimes tell my Pre-Kers: if your friend is not being kind, find someone else to play with. Mostly if the friend is being hurtful. Tell them, I need some space. vs. the whole, tell them how it made you feel, etc etc.


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