Simple Miso Soup

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I was in Oahu a few weeks ago and the first day ambled into the Regency Club at our hotel for breakfast.

There was the usual fare; a beautiful array of fresh fruits, baked goods, eggs, bagels, etc.  and over on a side table was a huge pot of miso soup, a rice cooker filled with (you guessed it) rice, a bowl of green onions and a bowl of nori chopped with regular and black sesame seeds.

Intrigued, I bypassed all of the baked goods, eggs, waffles, etc.  and decided to try the soup.   Because as we all know, I’m weird and like soup and hot, savory food for breakfast.

I ladled soup into my bowl, added a generous scoop of rice and topped it with green onions and the nori mixture.  I grabbed pineapple, papaya and strawberries, refilled my coffee and added almond  milk (yes, they had almond milk!) and sat down.

Ok, my friends, that soup was delicious!  It was warm, salty, seaweedy but not too overpowering and mixed with the rice it created a lovely creamy texture.  Congee?  Is that what I’m thinking? (Please help me fellow Top Chef fans).  Anyway, it was delish and not only did I think so, but the whole #fambam did too.  We each enjoyed a bowl every morning.

So when I came home I was kind of jones-ing for that soup.  I did a quick internet search and found a super simple recipe.  It might not be authentic but it was pretty darn tasty.   And here’s the kicker, my son and husband devoured it with Jack declaring, “I love tofu”.  #winning.

This recipe is courtesy of The Beaming Baker.

Note – I used 2 sheets of nori instead of 1, added the green onion on top of the soup instead of while cooking and also added Tamari sauce (gf soy sauce) for some extra seasoning.

Now go run!

Keli 🙂


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