Planting the Seed

Planting.  That’s what I’ve done this Spring Break.

Well, first there was the pulling of all weeds in the boxes that run along the fence.  Then there was planting.

Well, before planting I had to  figure out what to plant.  Or rather, what to plant that would survive.  My backyard borders get full sun and there’s not a sprinkler system.  Except for me.  I’m the sprinkler but usually a month in I forget to water.  Correction.  Stop watering.  Big difference.

But I was sick of looking at my sad backyard so I needed to do something and went to the experts.  Typing “plants for full sun that don’t need to be watered” in Google images spit out flowers, plants and garden ideas and I thought, I can do this.  So off to the Depot I went.

Home Depot, that is.  I found what I needed to get started (walking past any annuals or flowers that would never last a week in the backyard void of water) and loaded my cart.

The borders in my backyard run the entire length of the fence (about  60 feet) so I started with a few small sections.  Laying out the plants, moving them around so they looked visually appealing, figuring out the spacing, etc.  I got to digging.

The next day I made a second trip to Home Depot to work on more sections and then a third trip today to buy the rest of the plants and finish my project.  And now my little garden is complete.

Planting a garden is kind of like training for a race.

You plan.  You plot.  You lay it out and see what it looks like, factoring in what you need to do and how you are going to be successful.  It’s also important to look at the plan and break it down into manageable sections.  Sure a 16 week plan seems like a lot but with some planning, patience, and digging in, you’ll have success.

That and water.  Plants and humans need water!

Now go run!

Keli 🙂

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