Burpees for Me

I’m doing a 30-day Burpee Challenge.  Now don’t get all excited, it’s just 10 Burpees a day.  I have a chart (of course) to check off my days and I also have outlined 4 ways to do the Burpees.  They are…

  1.  with a push-up
  2. without a push-up (which some purists will say is a ‘squat thrust’ but whatevs)
  3. with a push-up and a jumping jack
  4. with a 180 degree turn (when you come back to standing, you hop 180 degrees)

Every day I bang out my 10 Burpees.  No biggie.  1, 2, 3, etc.  and I’m done.
(ps – that’s not me over to the left)

On Sunday, I realized that I’d skipped a few days so I had to do 40 to catch up.  Now, some people would just say well, I’ll add 4 days to the challenge.  But I figured I made the calendar and didn’t feel like re-doing it so I just caught up in one fell swoop.  I’m funny that way. It’s less work to do the Burpees than it would be to re-create a calendar.

It was Easter morning and a gorgeous day so I dragged 2 yoga mats out in the backyard on the cement (which is why I grabbed 2 mats).  1 set, no prob.  2 sets, ok.  3 sets, sweating and by the 4th set I was slipping all over the place.  But I got them done.  And grabbed some water.

Lesson learned.  10 a day, no matter what.

Now go run!

Keli 🙂

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