I’m a little WooWoo, I’ll admit it.  I like meditation.  I can stand in line at Starbucks waiting for my coffee (not tea, so maybe I’m only a smidge Woo Woo) and just stand there, not looking at my phone as I observe things around me.   When I do yoga I totally get that “supported by the earth” feeling and when I say Namaste, I mean it.  Srsly.

Ok, I’ll bite? What does yoga, meditation, standing still in a Starbucks line without checking the Facebook feed do?   It allows (ok, forces) me to be present.  To focus.  To not think out my next 10 steps.

We are conditioned to check off our to-do lists with speed and precision.  It’s becoming more about the tasks we get done (Costco, dry cleaning, report for the meeting, parent-teacher conference, book-club, workout…) than the actual doing.  (Wow, the WooWoo meter just spiked big time! )

But by taking some time, even just a few minutes to breathe is hugely beneficial.  To focus.  To center.  To connect.  You can even turn waiting in line for coffee into something more.  Or rather, less.

Stand there (keep your eyes open, don’t get weird on me) and breathe in, breathe out.  Nice, easy, normal breathing.  Don’t think about it just focus on the in and out breath.  Do this for a few times until you’ve bellied up to the bar and are ordering coffee.  By then you’ve lowered your heart rate, relaxed your nervous system and have created a little oasis in your hectic day.

Do I always feel connected, centered and focused?  Um, no.  But I keep at it because I think it’s the doing, not necessarily the achieving.  (there’s the Ah ha! moment)

Now go run!

Keli 🙂

Here are some resources for you.









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