Going for Goals


I like setting goals.  But I like tracking my progress even more.

I mark off the days I stay plant-based (day 382), the number of days I’ve meditated using Headspace (day 23), I log my runs in my planner, and once I start training for my next race I’ll pull out the spreadsheet to track my training.

Overkill?  Maybe not.

Experts advise that when you reach any goal, whether the big Kahuna or even a small benchmark, it’s important to acknowledge your hard work.  This helps to build your confidence and it creates positive forward momentum.  The feeling of accomplishment and pride can carry you through rough days or lulls in your plan.

Trust me on this.  I’m kind of a planning expert.

If you have a lapse, no biggie.  You don’t need to start over, just start with the next day.  You’ve got this.

Now go run!

Keli 🙂



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