Why Yes, I Am Talking To You

In my quest to be something ‘huge’ in the fitness business with this blog (I say tongue firmly planted in cheek), I’ve learned quite a bit about myself, my message, and more importantly whom I want to write to.  Or to whom I wish to write.  I always get that messed up.

My main goal is, and has always been, to try and convey something meaningful; something that will speak to the reader.  And because it’s my forum and I’m selfish that way, something that will speak to me.

Trust me when I tell you that I have a lot of random, blog-worthy thoughts that bounce around in my head while I’m on a run or even while I’m driving or running errands.   I may see a motivating quote on social media (or on a coffee mug at Michael’s),  read an article in a magazine, or hear something on a podcast.

Sometimes I’m annoyed by misinformation or downright garbage that’s spewed by the ‘professionals’ out there and I’ll climb on my trusty soapbox.

People often comment to me that it sounds like I’m speaking to them, or about them, or that what they said to me was in confidence.  Yes.  No.  Sorry.  Be grateful I never name names.  Unless it’s for a shout-out.  Then all bets are off because we all need shout-outs!

Suffice it to say,  inspiration is out there on all fronts.

I realize that you may not be on board with everything.  You know, the plant-eating, running, yoga, meditation, boot-camp, etc.  And that’s OK.   I realize I can get a little intense.

But what I hope (really, really hope) is that something I write is helpful on YOUR journey.  Maybe it’s just to take a few minutes to stretch, to sign up for a race,  or to jot down a goal for the day, week or month.

And please keep reading.  I have a lot to say and while it might not be ground-breaking, maybe it will give you a bit of inspiration or at least a smile.

Now go run!

Keli 🙂





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