A Chick with a Plan

I’m all about the plan.  Want to get something done?  Get a plan.  Or at least know what your first step is and go from there.  Actually, it’s ok to start moving forward without having all of your steps mapped out.  Sound crazy? Maybe not so much.

Many people get stuck in the planning phase and never quite get off the ground.  They think that because they may not be able to see their plan laid out from A-Z they don’t feel that they are prepared.   But I say, if you know what A looks like, jump and you then work out B, etc.






So take a minute, grab a notebook and write your end goal.  Then write down the first step to helping you achieve it.  And if you get stuck, stay where you are, keep working at it and your next step will become clear.

Sure, it may take some time and may not be easy but let’s be very clear here.  You can wait for something to happen or make something happen.  Your choice.

Now go run!

Keli 🙂

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