Race Ready

logoBy the time I step to the starting line this Sunday morning I will have logged close to 500 miles in training. I’ve never actually tracked my training mileage before so it was kind of a surprise when I tallied it up.

In the beginning of my training I ran with friends who helped me along the way.  Stephanie let me crash her 5:30am runs and then came along for some (a lot) of hill repeats and up to the trails and long runs.   Lisa joined me on the track in the dark.   Kerri, Kim and Katie came along for some of the long runs and during a brutally challenging trail run I kept trying to catch my friend Bill.  He’s like a rabbit so I never actually saw him except at the start and finish.

As I got into the more technical miles; Yasso 800’s, tempo runs, fast finishing long runs and the very long runs I ended up going solo. I would be running the race without a buddy to chat up so I knew I had to find a way to motivate, push and dig myself out of some hard spots.

The McMillan Running program was very comprehensive and I feel that I will toe up to the starting line as prepared as I can be.  But I’ve done enough races to know that sometimes things happen that are out of my control but no matter what, I’m going in strong and will push to the end.

I mean, I have so many people rooting for me that I would hate to let anyone down.

Now go run!

Keli 🙂

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