Running Rules

I have a lot of running rules.  And a lot of running ‘shoulds’.  Here’s an sample

  1. I only wear shorts.  (And prefer Brooks Versatile shorts but they don’t make them any more – grr)
  2. I don’t round up my mileage.  If Garmin says it’s 4.99, it’s 4.99, not 5 miles.
  3. I don’t carry water unless I’m running for more than 7 miles.
  4. I don’t eat unless my run is more than 6 miles.
  5. When running and a hill is visible, I run the hill.  Unless it’s a trail and I’m alone.
  6. I totally believe it’s cheating if you run slow behind me the whole race and then sprint past me in the chute.
  7. You should not wear your race shirt the day of the race.  Just like you wouldn’t wear the medal.
  8. Male runners over 35 should always wear a shirt and NEVER EVER wear split shorts.  Sorry guys.  Man boobs and grey chest hair.  Not good.  And need I say more about split shorts??

runnerAnd it goes on and on.  My friends who have run or raced with me can easily add to the list.

So for the runners out there, what are your rules?? What will you do or not do on a run.  Do you have to have music at all times or do you ban devices.  Do you only run races where costumes are involved or do you refute and refuse racing at all?

Curiosity may have killed the cat (sorry kitties) but inquiring running minds want to know.  Share your comment here or on my FB page.

Now go run!

Keli 🙂


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