Race Report

I ran in the inaugural Bank of Marin Running Festival over the weekend and was put on by Titanium Racing. Overall it was a very well-organized race and the course was pretty.   When registering there was a choice of the 5K, 10K, or half marathon.

I wasn’t up to the mileage to comfortably tackle the half marathon so I opted for the 10K.  Not my fav distance.  I have a problem with pacing on a 10K.  I go too fast and burn out at mile 3 or too slow and am bummed at my sloth-like pace.  But I register for it anyway and figure I’ll work it out.

The race started out behind the swimming pool at the College of Marin, Indian Valley Campus.  It’s out near the edge of open space and the course was really pretty.  Tree-lined streets, around a golf course, back past the starting line and around a sports field to the end.

The race started out at the base of a hill and we looped up and around the back part of the campus until it dropped us onto the road.  We started out really fast.  A few checks of my Garmin had me paced at 8:20 for the first mile or so.  This is not a normal pace for me – when I run alone I can sustain a 9:15 if it’s flat and I don’t talk to anyone.  But even with the hilly start I felt strong so I pushed.

A smidge of a downhill grade for another mile then up and over around a park into a neighborhood.  Turn around at the 3 mile mark and back the way we came. I was still holding a good pace, a strong pace.  But definitely not a chatting pace.

Mile 5 greeted us with that hill again (funny how I often forget how hilly a section can be, even in such a short span of time) and I cursed my speed at the beginning because I slowed down a lot during this second pass on these hills.  I was easily passed by a girl who looked about 12 who gave me a “Good job” as she pranced past.

At the top of the hill I was so excited because I came down really fast thinking it was downhill to the finish.  Silly me, forgetting to read the course map.  After the downhill we crossed back over the start line and it was another quarter mile or so to the finish.

So here’s how my race ended.

  • Finishing time of 53:41 (8:39 pace)
  • 2nd in my age group (out of 26 females age 40-49)
  • 11th place female (out of 86)
  • 26th overall (out of 121 runners)

Yeah, I know I’m bragging.  But this was by far, my fastest 10K so I’m a teensy bit proud of myself.

My friends Stephanie and Hannah also killed it in the 10K and I think were both happy with their finishing times.  Plus we got a cool race shirt and some snacks after our endeavor.

Next up is the Rodeo Valley Trail Half Marathon in June.  I expect it to be a bit (ha ha, maybe a little more than a bit) tougher than the 10K but I think it will be a good time.  And if you’re looking for a fun adventure, join the fun.

Now go run!

Keli 🙂







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