Project Brad – Update

Brad ran a 5K over the weekend!  Brad, my husband, my formerly non-running husband RAN a 5K.  Here he is with his medal!  FullSizeRender

For those of you who’ve read this blog for a while I thought I’d update you on “Project Brad”.  For those of you who aren’t regulars, “Project Brad” is my bold attempt to help my husband get into better shape through running.

I know, I must be a joy to live with.

Here’s some background. Brad had been working out at our local YMCA for years.  He would try to go 2 or 3 times a week (but in reality it was more like once a week).  His workout consisted of riding the elliptical reading the paper or Rolling Stone and then do 15 minutes of weights.  He’d chit chat with people he knew, as really social people like to do at the gym, come home for a shower and off to work.

While not killing it at the gym he did like to play golf, go water skiing, hit the hills for an occasional family hike and also coaching sports for my son.   So he wasn’t a couch potato, just not (in my professional opinion) working out to his full potential.

And because I’m not good at beating around the bush, I flat out told him that if he worked himself up to running 30 minutes 3 or 4 times a week he would drop weight, feel better and get more fit.  I am pretty sure I even guaranteed it.

This was back in late fall.  He had some foot problems come up after the first week so there was a two month setback.  Finally I urged him to get a real pair of running shoes that he didn’t pick up while buying a 50 ct of toilet paper or a gallon of ketchup and we, I mean he was ready.

I shared a few of my short loops in the ‘hood for him to run and he would go out a few times a week.  Run a little, walk a little.  Repeat until he got home.  After a few weeks I showed him a farther out and back route that he could manage and he’s added that to his schedule.

He ran/walk about 4 miles on “Keli’s Super Fun Super Bowl Fun Run” in February and he’s been pretty consistent since then, logging runs every few days.  And I’m happy to say that he’s going out (without any prodding on my part) most days.

Brad has also started to track his food intake using one of the food journal apps and is wearing my Garmin Vivofit to keep check on his steps.

Most importantly, he’s not going out for hour long runs, nor his he reshuffling his life so he can spend hours in the gym.  He’s made small but very important steps so he can achieve his goals:

  1.  He’s created a habit.  So now he rolls out of bed and into his running clothes without allowing himself to second guess his decision.
  2. He realizes how good he feels after a run so he’s focusing on that finishing feeling.
  3. As he gets stronger he gets more confident and that lends itself to helping him stay motivated.

I’m so proud of how far he’s come in such a short time and he’s already committed to running some more 5K’s over the summer.  Just like any runner would.

Now go run!

Keli 🙂



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