Plank-A-Day Challenge – The Final Day

Today is the final day of our Plank-A-Day Challenge.

Remember back on Day 1 when I had you do a perfect plank?  And I asked you to record how long you held the plank and how it felt?

I’d like you to dig out that little post-it or scrap of paper or note that you jotted on that little app on your iPhone.  Keep it close because today we are going to do it again.

The PERFECT plank

  • Get into a high (on your hands) or low (on your forearms) plank position.
  • Keep your spine straight; this means keeping your hips lifted, abs engaged all while keeping your tush down.
  • Hold this position as long as you can – once you cannot maintain a PERFECT plank position you are out – no dipping of the hips toward the ground, no pressing back to rest your shoulders, no hiking the hips up high.
  • Record 2 things; how long you held a PERFECT plank and how it felt (example, 45 seconds / shaking and sweating at the end, 2 minutes but then I had to stop and stretch my arms, 30 seconds/collapsed in a heap)
  • Compare how you did today versus how you did 30 days ago.

I’d wager that if you participated in this Challenge fully you will have achieved a significantly longer hold time and it was much easier.

I’d even take it further and bet that if you were only able to do the plank poses 4 or 5 days a week, you will have achieved a longer hold time and it was easier.

Yay you!  You’re awesome!  a2bcd9aa503da30b4390d121c7a43d2e

So now that the Challenge is over, it would be a darn shame to let that newly-acquired core strength and conditioning go to waste.  So promise me that you will partake in at least one plank or plank variation every other day.

Until our next Challenge…

Now go run!

Keli 🙂


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