Shout Out to My Peeps!

gg68913063This month marks the 5th year of OutFIT Marin Boot-Camp!  I wanted to take a minute today to give a little love, or “shout out” to my peeps!

I have a very loyal group who roll out of a warm and comfy bed at dark o’clock to meet me for class.  They laugh at my jokes (well, just the funny ones), allow me to test out new workouts, plank them, squat them, and/or run them up and down the street.

They tolerate my inability to count properly from 10 down to 1 and ignore that I get my left and right mixed up.   Most importantly they accept my love of Burpees and my giddiness over a new circuit, a game, or some crazy group workout.  Plus I LOVE a good holiday themed-workout (pumpkins anyone?) and accept this as part of the program.

And in the time since the we’ve started, this group has grown into a strong (very strong) force to be reckoned with. Trust me when I tell you that you’ll want any one of these gals (and John) to be your wing-person in a bar fight.   At the least they will be able to throw you over their shoulder and get you out of there.

I love getting feedback from my class on how they have reached goals, achieved milestones, run races and/or tried new things.   It feels good, as a fitness professional, to hear that you have made an impact or may have provided a spark of inspiration for someone to make positive changes in their life.

Make no mistake, I’ve learned and been inspired from them as well.   Just seeing someone come back for a second class is a huge inspiration for me – as much as someone who hasn’t missed a class in a month (or more). A perfect plank is a lovely thing to behold as is watching someone working so hard to do one stinking push-up.   Everyone has their own fitness journey and I’m grateful to be along for their ride!

And even though not everyone loves Burpees or thinks a push-up pyramid is “super fun”, one of these days they might.  So until then, I’ll keep trying.

So thank you, my OutFIT Marin Boot-Camp peeps – you make my mornings that much brighter.

Now go run!

Keli 🙂



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