Musings on Training for a Race

My husband Brad (whom I love to bits) came home after playing golf yesterday and I asked him how his game went.  I listened for a few polite minutes then had to fess up that I was only asking out of polite curiosity.   I mean the man can go on for a looooong time about his drives, pars and putting.  Again, love him to bits but I don’t really care.  Did he have fun?  Great. moving on to the rest of our day.

My point is not to show how mean of a wife I am but to explain why I don’t talk too much running-stuff with non-runners.  While many people ask me about my races or what I’m up to next, they are really doing it to make conversation.  They don’t really want a step by step account of my training or my GU usage.  Surprising, I know but it’s the truth.

Thank god for my blog!

I had a successful 11 mile training run this past weekend.  It ended up being a pretty warm day so we were grateful that we hit the road at 7:00am.

We started off at the Discovery Museum in Sausalito and ran up from ‘the bottom of the bowl’ as someone in our group called our starting point along the water all through Sausalito towards Mill Valley and back.  It’s been a while since I’ve run that route and forgot that it’s pretty hilly in parts (there goes my hill amnesia again).  The climb out of the bowl is a bit of a, well, climb and then some more slight climbing until you crest at the top and run down towards the waterfront.

(Note about downhills on an out and back run – they become uphills when you turn around).

Our small group trains at the same pace, give or take.  We chatted for a bit, spread out, regrouped at stop lights, chatted and that’s how it went to the turn around point.  Doing training runs in a group, even if it’s just one other person is very helpful once you get to the double digit runs.  The trick is to have at least one person around your pace in the group.  Too fast and you try too hard to keep up and too slow, you may stop more often to regroup.

The last mile or two of any long run seems a bit harder than the previous miles.  At this point it had warmed up a lot and we had a few challenging uphills before we were able to run into the bowl.  Unfortunately as we were coming down to the bottom we realized we were a half a mile short.  A map snafu at the beginning sent us running in a loop first which added the half mile onto our run.  Rookie move, I know.

We ended up looping around this huge field near the Cavallo Point Hotel.  Much the amusement of the breakfast diners!  We hit our 11 mile mark right near our cars.  Success!

This weekend will be our final long run before our race on June 16.  Wish us luck!

Now go run!

Keli 🙂

PS – because I know you’re dying to hear the GU consumption data – I ate one bag of Sport Beans at mile 6 🙂



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