Why do I run?

So I get asked a lot about my running.  What I’m training for, where I’m running, how far I’m running.  One gal even asked me if I was the person she sees running by her house all the time.

I recently joined up with a running blog community and someone wanted to know something that few, if any, people had asked me; why do you run?

The quick and dirty answer is I run because it makes me (and in turn, my family) very happy.   I can leave the house in a foul mood and within 20 minutes the anger, hurt, disappointment, frustration, etc. will have melted away leaving me a bit more clear-headed and rational.

I run to stay strong, be fit, run races and run after my kids.  And I run so (someday in the far, far future) Ican run after my kids’ kids.

I run away from the family’s triple-threat of Type II Diabetes, heart disease and high cholesterol.

I run to push myself, to sweat like a dog and to feel the ground under my feet.

I run because, well, after all these years I’m a runner.

Now go run!

Keli 🙂



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