Spring Brings…Shorts?

Welcome to March!  According to our pal Punxsutawney Phil, spring is on its way.   And with spring, comes some warmer temps, longer days and shorts.  Yes, shorts.

When’s the last time you wore shorts? October?

Your first pair of shorts after a long winter of sweats, coffee pants*, jeans and leggings can be a bit of a surprise.  Most likely your legs are white as a boiled chicken breast and if you have not been exercising or watching what you have been eating, they may be a bit, um,fleshy.

So to be able to wear your shorts without cringing we need to examine the goods to see what’s been going on.

Toss on a pair of shorts that you wore last summer and do a fit check.  Are you able to step in and button easily or do you have to wiggle, tug and then suck in to button them?

If they slip right on without a struggle, great job!  You kept those winter lbs at bay!

If, however, your shorts do not go on without a fight you need to do start with damage control.

Step 1:  Drink that H2O.  Dehydration is often confused with hunger.  If you think you’re hungry, have a glass of water and then wait 15 minutes.  Hungry?  Have a snack or your next meal.

Step 2:  Strength.  Building muscle mass improves the look of legs.  When I say “mass” don’t get all freaked out on me.  I simply mean you are increasing the size of your muscle fibers and more muscle burns more calories.  (There is a great fear that if ladies lift weights they’ll bulk up.  The fact is, most women don’t have enough testosterone to do that).

Step 3:  Sweat. Get that heart rate up and burn some calories.  Run, jog, power walk, cycle or swim.  Sweat.

Step 4:  Shop.  Stocking your home with good-for-you foods will make eating a pleasure instead of a chore and adding good foods will not leave much room for junk.  Let’s not focus on what to remove from your diet, but let’s instead look at what good foods you can add.  Also – fresh fruits and veggies are pretty to eat and pretty to look at so pull these items out of the crisper and put them out in a bowl or on a shelf in the fridge.  If you see them you will eat them.

Step 5:  Reward.  Working hard deserves a reward.  Sadly, making dietary and fitness changes will not alter your body overnight.  It’s a long process that requires patience.  For every small milestone or goal reached please acknowledge it and give yourself a prize.  A mani, pedi, a visit to a museum or any other small token will do.

So let’s get to steppin’ and get back on the road to health, wellness and back into those shorts!

Now go run!

Keli 🙂

*You know those cute stretch pants that ladies wear to yoga, for a run or to the gym?  If you don’t work out at all and wear those pants to Peet’s or Starbucks, you’re not wearing yoga pants, you’re wearing coffee pants. 

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