Seek and Ye Shall Find Inspiration

Here are some things that inspire me to do better; be better

New Runners

You can spot a newbie right away.  They are breathing very hard (because they are probably running too fast for their fitness level) and usually wearing cotton sweatpants and are completely overdressed for the cold.   What inspires me about this?  They are out there.

Success Stories

My favorite part of CLEAN EATING Magazine, SELF, SHAPE, or any other fitness magazine are the success stories.  To see ladies who have lost 20, 30, 40 or 100 pounds is incredibly inspiring.  It’s not easy to completely overhaul their life but they did it.  Congratulations!

Neighborhood Walkers

A couple in my neighborhood  walks every day, rain or shine from their house to Starbucks and back.  I’ve seen them at various points along their walk so I estimate their walk is about 3 miles or so round trip.  Every day.   There are also some groups of ladies dressed in work clothes and sneakers who walk a loop a few times a week.   Most of you may wonder why this is a big deal but it requires planning and commitment.  Brilliant!

Gym Rats

A few mornings a week, after I teach my class I head to my local gym for some cross training.  Each time I go I see pretty much the same group of people, either  on the treadmill, coming out of a Spin class or lifting weights.  There’s the guy who brings his own fan to plug in under the elliptical and the gal who highlights important documents.  Regardless of what they are doing, they are consistent.


I don’t play games, avoid talk of politics, won’t comment on what states don’t have an ‘e’ in it (hint:  Missouri, Michigan, California…it’s not that hard), or write flowery post on how fantastic my kids are and what a superb mother I am (because A.  no one would believe it,  and B.  duh,).  What I do LOVE about FB is that I get to see what fantastic things people are accomplishing.  Going back for a nursing degree?  Great!  Running a marathon for charity?  Where can I donate?  Adopted a dog?  How cute!!   Keep it coming friends.  I love it.

Normal Folks

While athletes and superstars have a great story to tell, I can’t find much to relate to.  Seeing how a new celebrity mom got back to a size 00 post- pregnancy (after gaining 8 whole pounds) doesn’t float my boat.  While I’d never diss anyone for having financial means to pay for personal trainers, nutritionists and persona chefs, their success due to their “team” isn’t that inspiring to me.  I like to see real people, normal people like me who have been able to find a way to make it happen. Whether they have to get up at 4:00am to play Wii Sports or stroll their kids around the block 50 times.  That inspires me!

My Class

I have a solid group of ladies who come to my boot camp class.  Rain, shine, dark and cold – they drive up to our meeting spot at 5:30am and are ready to work.  They show up if they are sore from the previous workout and if it’s their day off.  Sometimes they grumble and complain but they put in the work and bring it.  Nothing is more inspiring than that!

Now go run!

Keli 🙂





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