Fight the Winter Blues

It’s hard enough to stay motivated to exercise, but toss in cold temps, dark mornings, an early sundown and you can be completely derailed with your well-intentioned fitness plans.  Welcome to the middle of winter.

Here are some strategies to help you get through this winter and keep you fit until the spring thaw!

1.  Move it indoors.  While not a fan of the treadmill, it does come in handy when you can’t hit the road outside.  Runner’s World recently included some great treadmill workouts to keep you running.

2.  Buy winter gear.  I have a rule about running in the cold.  As long as my torso, tips (finger) and top (head) is covered, I’m good to go.  I will wear 3 shirts but always wear shorts just because it’s most comfortable for me.  You may want to bundle up like you live in a snow cave, and that’s fine too. You can always shed layers.

3.  Be flexible.  If you are a morning person but are having a really hard time pulling your warm body out of bed try to add a few late afternoon or early evening runs.  While your kid practices sports or trolls the mall with a gaggle of girlfriends run around the fields or the track. If you are following your above-mentioned teenager from a distance at the mall, do some power walking.

Winter won’t last forever and when the first sign of spring hits you want to be ready.

Now go run!

Keli 🙂

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