Get Your Game Face On!

The new year is just around the corner and many people will take a few minutes on self-reflection (for what you did in 2012) and self-flagellation (for what you failed to do in 2012). 

Once the self-whatever has been hashed through  – thoughts will immediately turn to goals for 2013.  I bet your bottom dollar that getting in shape, losing weight and saving money will be among the top resolutions for the coming year. 

Regardless of what your goal or resolution is, here’s one way to make yourself more likely to succeed. 

Get your game face on.

When a boxer gets into a ring, he meets his opponent face to face.  Mano a mano.  They stare intently at each other with the goal of intimidation.  The gaze is deep, penetrating and you can see a contained fury beneath the eyes.  It’s a “no b-s” moment.

Think about wearing your game face as you begin your journey to reach your 2013 goals. 

Don’t be a vague goal setter (ie: I want to be fulfilled at work). Be precise and direct with your goals and the steps you need to follow to achieve them.  Say you  really want a promotion.  Here are some steps you may take to achieve that.  A) network to find a mentor in your industry to help with your development B) ask your boss what I you can to to move up in the ranks and C) get additional education, if needed. 

Long-term goals, like losing a large amount of weight, should be broken into smaller goals or bechmarks and rewards should be given as each mini goal is reached.  Doing so will help you stay on task and make it easier to stare down temptations. 

Be careful as you reach each smaller goal that you don’t turn the celebration into a set back and steer you off course of the bigger picture.  To prevent this, make sure that quickly re-set your intention for the next round (I know, lots of boxing references today). 

Stay strong.  Stay focused.  Stay in the game.  You will reach your goals.  I beleive in you!

Now go run!

Keli 🙂


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