Stocking the Shelves

So coming home after almost a week away means two things.

1.  Laundry
2.  An empty refrigerator

I started the former quickly and surveyed the latter, made a list and headed out to the store.   It was actually perfect timing because now that my fridge was emptied of the holiday fare I was able to stock it with healthier eating in mind.   With my marathon training kicking in, it is time to tighten up my eating habits up and shed a few LBs before the race.

Here are the tips I used to stock my fridge.

  • Made a list (and pretty much stuck to it)
  • Shopped the perimeter (hint:  that’s where the healthier, least processed food stuffs are located)
  • Allowed a treat item (because food should be enjoyable)
  • Did not allow myself to toss in anything “because the kids will want it” – the truth is, the kids don’t need it any more than I need it

So armed with my healthy fridge, pantry, and a blank food journal I’m ready to get going.   Let me know what your fitness and health goals are and we can compare notes and enjoy the journey together!

Now go run!

Keli 🙂

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