Wind Whipped and Wiped Out

When pondering what to write about on Facebook this morning, I got a comment from my friend Stacie suggesting that  I write about how to walk or run in the wind.  So here goes and thanks to Stacie for the idea.

Three Steps for Easier Running/Walking in the Wind

1.  Lean forward slightly at the ankles.  Try this  – stand in place and bend forward slightly at the ankles.   Feel yourself falling forward?    That’s gravity.  Use it.

2.  Use your arms.  They are a powerful source of locomotion when facing wind (and hills).  Your arm speed dictates your feet speed.  Faster your arms go, faster your feet go, faster you go.

3.  Imagine yourself slicing through the wind.   When you are facing a strong headwind, your first instinct is to fight against it.  Ignore this response and imagine your body cutting through the wind, not forcing against it.

Give these simple tips a try and let me know how they work.   It’s nice and blustery today so get moving!

Now go run!


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