Joy of Running

Ask a group of runners what other exercises they do (other than run) and you might get some blank stares.  Runners generally, well, run.  That IS their exercise of choice, either for convenience, pure love of the sport or are training for an event.

Running can be of the Amish nature (shoes, shirt, shorts) or one of technical Nirvana (GPS watch, Ipod, heart rate monitor).  You can run in the urban jungle (street, track, playground) or in the middle of suburbia (trails, parks or soccer fields).

You can run anywhere, anytime in any conditions (yes they sell snow treads for your running shoes).    You can run if you are tall or short, thin or “husky”, strong or weak.  You can run with speed and grace or plod along like a tired mule in the field.

The bottom line is that running is a made-to-order sport.  Pick the time, day and place you want to run and go for it.

Now go run!


Love to hear where your favorite run spot is.   Leave a comment here for others to see!

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