Workout Rule #2 – Be Consistent

So here’s a little tip that will help you reach your fitness goals.

It’s actually just one word.  Consistency.   Here’s what it looks like.

  • You have a 4 mile run planned but your Zoom call got moved up so you get out and do a 2 mile run.
  • You get to your 6:30am boot-camp class even though you’re sore from all of the lunges on Monday .
  • You’re on a (totally socially distanced) beach vacay with the family and even though you would rather laze around in your jammies, you get up early and go for a few hill repeats and do some squats and pushups at the park.  (And BONUS!  You get back before the fam even knows you’re gone!)
  • It’s getting that 10,000th step in at 11pm because you joined a SIP 10,000 Steps Challenge group on FB and you haven’t missed your goal yet.

As small as it seems, these little, teeny, tiny “wins” are what will help you reach your goals.   It’s like this.  If you consistently show up to for your workouts you’re consistently showing up for yourself and soon enough your results will show up too.

Now go run!

Keli 🙂


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