Creating Community

While all indoor fitness facilities in California remain closed for the foreseeable future, many people who have relied on their gym-buddies and fitness-friends are missing a huge support system.

Which is why ye old Internet and social media can be a very useful tool.   But if you’ve successfully opted out of Facebook, Instagram or other social media platforms here are some tips to get you connected and gather your peeps to keep you healthy and sane.  Without engaging with the crazies.  There, I said it.

Accountability Groups

Rally 5 to 10 of your pals to form an accountability group.   You meet weekly (by Zoom or in a safe and socially distant outdoor setting) with each person bringing their one goal that they’ll work on for the week.    Tips and strategies can be shared and if anyone needs help, the hive mind can come in handy.  An alternative is that the group identify one goal and they all work on that one goal for the week.

A Steps or Minutes Exercising Group

Again, find your people and commit to walking a number of minutes or steps each day.  I formed a steps challenge group and run it on Facebook but you can do it by email or create a text group chat.  (You are welcome to join my group on Facebook, you can find us here

Narrow Your Scope

Not everyone likes a large group dynamic, I get it.  If that’s you, then your goal is to zero in on one person.  It could be your running partner, pre-COVID, or a casual acquaintance that you have discussed exercise or recipes with.

You might be crushing the quarantine without any help or support and if so, keep doing what works.  But if you are still not quite in gear yet or find yourself starting, stopping, starting and not gaining any ground, you may want to expand your reach.

Because there are a lot of your friends in the same boat.

Now go run!

Keli 🙂





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