How Will You Come Out of SIP?

By my count, it’s been 108 days since Governor Newsom sent us home for ‘two weeks’ to try and flatten the curve.

When we come out of our SIP and start living life in the open you are going to see friends who totally rocked the SIP and are fitter, thinner and in great shape.

And you will see friends that didn’t.

Just getting through the workday, home schooling, grocery shopping, staying clear of people and keeping their family and themselves safe and healthy may have been all that they could manage.

You know me.  I’ll be the first one to call you to the carpet for letting healthy habits go on the back burner.  This time, however, I’m here to tell you to cut yourself a shit ton of slack.

  1. We’ve been living in a pandemic.
  2. We’ve never lived through a pandemic.
  3. Over 129,000 people have died because of said pandemic.
  4. We’ve seen graphic and horrifying racial injustices.
  5. And to top if off our country is greatly divided.

Right?  The last 4 months have been HARD.

So I’d like to propose something.    We don’t judge, shame or berate ourselves for what we did in SIP.   We don’t post self-effacing memes on Facebook.  We don’t, for lack of a better phrase, punish ourselves for what we did during COVID.

We grant ourselves a bit of grace.  And once the flour settles and the last of the sourdough starter is used up we get back to work.

Now go run!

Keli 🙂





3 thoughts on “How Will You Come Out of SIP?

  1. Diana SaintJames

    Love this latest blog post from you – thank you for the reminder that we are all doing the best that we can.

    These times remind me of that old cat poster:


    Diana ☺


    1. Keli Honsberger

      Thanks Diana! I have heard from people how they are worried about their SIP behavior so thought we should address it!


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