How Not to Lose Your Shit

The Coronavirus threat is steadily plucking on my anxiety nerve-center. The one that I spent thousands of dollars in therapy to help overcome, mind you.

So I have been implementing the “coping” skills, which were honed at the above-mentioned sessions, and I’d like to share with you some tips and strategies to help you get through what’s going on. Use what works, ditch what doesn’t, share your own tips if you can.

  • Breathe. Let’s try a simple breathing exercise that I rely on to help me get stress under control.
    • Sit in a chair with your hands resting in your lap.
    • Gaze forward but don’t focus on any one thing. Let it soften or even close your eyes.
    • Now take a nice long big breath, dragging it out for a 4 count, hold the breath in for a 4 count and slowly exhale for 4 count.
    • Repeat this 4 or 5 times.
  • Exercise. Drag yourself away from your Facebook feed, CNN or your news station of choice and go work out. Take a walk, hike a hill, or stroll near a stream. And if you need some stuff to do inside, here are a few FREE resources.
    • Yoga With Adriene – yoga for all levels for all people. (
    • FitOn – FREE workouts based on your goals, your fitness levels and one feature I like is as you’re finishing up a workout there will be a suggestion to go to the next workout to make it longer or more complete. Find it in the app store.
    • DareBee – Exercise challenges, full programs, tons of great FREE content. Check them out at (
  • Connect. Isolation is important but it can be, isolating. Make a point to connect with your people.
    • Take a walk with a friend (with social distancing in full effect).
    • Facetime with friends or family.
    • Create group chats or texts.
    • Write letters or notes to your loved ones or friends.
    • Check on your neighbors to make sure they are ok.
    • Start an online bookclub, recipe swap or some other group that will let you be in touch without being ‘in touch’.
  • Meditate. If you haven’t downloaded the Headspace or Calm app, do it right now. Then use it. Every day. Hourly if need be. Hand to God it will help. If you don’t have access to a smartphone, check out Meditation Minis podcast by Chel Hamilton. She’s amazing. (

It’s scary right not. So let’s be compassionate to ourselves and to each other. Look out for those in our community that need help and for goodness sake, be willing to share a square.

Now go run!

Keli 🙂

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