Marathon Training Recap – Week 3

Happy to say that Week 3 went pretty smoothly.  Here’s a quick recap!

The Plan

This week added some extra miles and an extra long run to the mix.  I’m happy with the pacing and it’s not hard to stay at the faster end of my training pace.  The change to this week as adding a 2nd long run to the  mix.  And it’s not the distance that worried me it was the logistics of fitting in an 80 min run on a Thursday morning.  It seemed like a lot at 5:30am.

So I came up with a simple way to add to my normal 60 minute run without it feeling like I added more than 2 miles.  I know, follow me.  On Thursday I drove down the street and parked my car about about a mile away from my running buddy’s house. I picked her up and we ran for 60 minutes then I dropped her at home and ran back to my car.  Its simplicity was the key.

Sunday I planned a 90 minute run and it was a gorgeous day and great run.  We started up a pretty big hill for the first half mile but thanks to the Law of Physics, we got to come down that hill at the end.  We brought out yoga mats after the run and did some stretching while looking at the Golden Gate Bridge.  It was a good end to the week and bonus, not sore.

Here’s how my week ended up looking like.

Week 2 Mon 8/29 Tues 8/30 Wed 8/31 Thur 9/1 Fri 9/2 Sat 9/3 Sun 9/4
Scheduled Workout Rest Easy Run 50-60 min Off, X-train or 30 min easy run Long Run 60-90 min Off, X-train or 30 min easy run Off, X-train or 30 min easy run Long Run 60-90 min
Goal Pace 9:32 to 10:29 9:32 to 10:29  9:35 to 10:52 9:32 to 10:29 9:35 to 10:52 9:35 to 10:52
Distance Rest 6.15 mi 2.37 8.2 X-train/Yoga 3.12 mi 9.34 mi
Actual Pace 9:46 9:31  9:45 9:37 9:40

The Food

I was hungrier this week, more running I guess.  LOL   This week I made a large pot of cabbage, ground turkey and rice soup and ate that all week for lunch.  I also spent time Monday morning (after boot-camp and before training clients) making baked chicken and tossing something in the crock pot.  Having food on hand that can be heated up and rounded out with a salad and veggies makes my life much easier.  And healthier.

Also I’m a big fan of brown-bagging it for lunch.  In fact, in the scheme of healthy eating, it’s one of the best things you can do.  In “House of Cards” terminology, you get to control the narrative.  In my lunch bag goes a large (embarrassingly large) container of soup or salad with greens, chicken and/or beans, avocado and veggies, some nuts, berries and yogurt and an apple, peach or grapes or cut up grapefruit.

The one mistake I have been making is my breakfast routine. I’m typically having a piece of fruit at 5:15am as I’m heading out the door to teach or to meet my friend for a run then won’t eat until I’m on my way into the office or at my desk 5 hours later.  (Except for the long run mornings, I have to eat oatmeal to fill my tank.)

So I’ll work on addressing it. Stay tuned.

Yoga/Stretching and Body Work

I’m happy to share that things are going well in the old bendy-body department.  I’m still focusing on deeper stretching a few times a day and especially after I run.  Adding a stretch routine to my morning wakey wakey, coffee-drinking, reality-tv watching time has been a nice benefit.

As I mentioned in a post last week I’m working my way through a book to help with mobility. Once I implement their plan I’ll share it with you.  I think, and even though I’m just a little over halfway through it, that this is very important stuff to learn.

Now go run!

Keli 🙂

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