The Accountability Challenge

Welcome to the July Accountability Challenge!  Wait, what?

I know, many of you love our fitness challenges, but the reality is it’s July and many of you, myself included are taking time for trips and vacations with family or friends.  So we’re flipping the script and you’re in charge of setting a goal that’s attainable and measurable and holding yourself accountable to follow through.

Why attainable?  Success, no matter how small breeds more success.

Why measurable?  For goals to be successful you need to have a way to measure if you were successful.

Why is accountability such a big deal?  Say you commit to running or walking with a friend every morning at 5:30 am.  How likely are you to hit snooze and skip the workout if you know your friend is waiting for you.  In the dark.  See how that changes things?

So here’s the challenge.

  1. Set a goal and write it down.  (A goal not written down is just a thought with no action behind it.)
  2. Now grab your calendar and check off every day you  do something to help you reach your goal.  Go for your planned 20 minute run?  Check.  Finish your 4th and final workout of the week?  Check.
  3. Comment often on my Facebook page and share how it’s going or post a comment on my blog.

Want to increase your accountability?  Find a partner.  One that you can share your goals with and who you can report to each day.  And do the same for them.  The key with an accountability partner is that he or she supports and pushes back.  You don’t want someone who buys all of your excuses.  That would be lame.

And I promise that if you make yourself accountable for your fitness goals this month you’ll reach them.   And how awesome will that make you feel?

Now go run!

Keli 🙂

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