Nine is Fine but Ten is My Goal

As I’ve written about in the past, I started running, really running, with Team in Training back in December, 2000 when my daughter was just 13 months old.

I ran my first marathon (Nashville) in April, 2001.  I ran my second marathon (CIM – California International) in December, 2001.  Then my third (San Diego) in June, 2002.  My fourth (Maui) came in September, 2003.  I  got into NY in 2005 but I was pregnant with Jack so I had to defer so I ran numbers five and six (New York) in 2006 and 2008, respectively.  My seventh race (CIM again) was in 2010,  eighth (Big Sur) in 2012 and ninth (Vancouver) in 2015.

I think it was after Maui or the first New York that I decided I would run 10 marathons by the time I was 50. So I was either 36 or 38.  My math worked out to a marathon every 2 years and I’d hit 10 when I was 49, thereby reaching my goal.

Well.  I’m 49.  Actually, 49 and 4 months to be exact.  And I am still at number nine.  Harumph.

In 2015 I ran a few Ragnar races and I enjoyed the change of pace of these races.  I liked the multiple legs and the camaraderie of van life.  I started to think I’d switch focus and run different races instead of a marathon.   I even went so far as to tell my marathon buddy Lisa that I was thinking about not doing another marathon she was shocked and told me I had to do one.  But as I explained to her, I’d lost my marathon mojo.  I was feeling uninspired.  And I had been feeling uninspired for a while.

And then all of a sudden I wasn’t.  Uninspired, that is.

In fact, it was kind of funny.  Not “Ha ha funny” but ironic funny.  It happened when I sat down recently and started thinking about goals and what I should do and a stupid little voice said “marathon”.  Crap.  And then I knew I had to do number 10.  And it was kind of now or never.

So I started thinking about timing.  Fall and early winter, for me are horrible times for marathons.  Work is busy, kids are busy, I have a hard time training in the summer, blah blah blah.  So I thought spring of 2017 but you know what.  I would already be 50 by then.  And what was my original goal?  I would run 10 marathons by the time I was 50.

Now you must remember that I will NOT round up.  If my Garmin says 5.99 miles, I run until that sucker beeps at 6.  So if my goal was to run 10 marathons by the time I was 50 it doesn’t mean when I’m 50.  It means that it has to be in the books by 11:59 pm on February 21, 2017.  Cause once Feb 22 rolls around, I’m 50.

So I’ve narrowed it down to 2 marathons.  One option is the CIM in December.  Third time’s a charm, right?  Kind of take it back to where it started.  Except that would be Nashville but I that race is in April and well, I’ll be 50 so it’s out.  The second choice is in January up in Redding.  The course looks gorgeous but it may be a little too remote for me and that 3 mile downhill at the start scares me.  Flashbacks of Big Sur I think 🙂

And now the exciting part.  I need to make some training changes.  I can train myself to run a marathon but I want to push my limits for this one.  If it’s my “final marathon” I want to go out big.

So I’m going to do some research into marathon training groups and find some groups to run with or even a coach to help me with my training.   I will also work on nutrition to make sure that my fuel supports the training.  Dropping some extra lbs will make running easier and my body more efficient.

Big goals, I know.  But you know what, I’m excited and looking forward to the challenge and I’ve given myself 5 full months for this race instead of my normal 3 to train and I’ve been training for a half marathon so my mileage is at a higher level to start.

So like with any good goal I have 2 action items that I’m going to complete within the next week.

  1.  Register for the race (oh yeah, that) and
  2. Find a training plan or group

And of course I’m going to share my training journey along the way.

Hey listen, if you are training for a marathon or even a shorter distance race please stay in touch.  I’d love to hear about what’s working for you or what you are trying so you achieve your goal.

Now go run!

Keli 🙂

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