Trailing on the Trails

Here’s a brief wrap up of the Rodeo Valley Trail Run I ran over the weekend.  10-Rodeo-BaseThe race included an 8K, Half Marathon, 30K and 50K.  My pal Stephanie found this race and we thought it would be a fun thing to do.  Stephanie was looking for a milestone and I thought it would be fun.  But then I am wired a little bit differently than most people regarding “fun”.

The race is all trails and is out at Rodeo Beach in Marin County.  This particular region is known as the Marin Headlands and has spectacular views and if you like to run trails, it’s heaven.  That is, if heaven to you means long, grinding uphill runs.  🙂

Inside Trail puts on this annual event and it’s a very well-organized run.  Bib pick up is quick and efficient, maps clearly marked, turn by turn instructions available and they mark the actual course with colored flags that make it very easy to follow and NOT get lost.  Which was great for us because we (I) seem to get turned around on trails.

Our only concern was that there were only 2 aid stations along the way.  During street half marathons you can expect an aid station every 2 miles, or even more often.  With the climbing and potential heat of the day we were a bit worried but the 2 aid stations were at perfect points along the race (about 4 miles in and at 9 miles in).

Ok, on to the course itself.  First let me say that I had no expectations of pace or speed.  I expected it to be a challenging course and was hoping to make it in under 3 1/2 hours.

Starting at sea level we climb right away and continue for about a half mile.  The trail then looped down and around the Marine Mammal Center and back down to the bottom of the valley then we climbed up the fire road to the trails that rim the Rodeo Valley and then we crossed over to the ridge above Tennessee Valley, down to the horse stable and back up (and up and up) to the ridge where we ran along until a very long descent back down to Rodeo Beach.

Here’s what the elevation profile looked like.  Rodeo-Valley-ElevationIt was a great trail and a gorgeous run.   It was harder than expected but it was a good run.  We had fun.  And we finished strong, sprinting (well, kind of) to the finish line in 3:05 beating my expectation.

Next up is the Honey Badger Half in October.  Honey badgers don’t give a shit.  Ha Ha ha!  Here’s the link  They also have a 5K and 10K and from my experience, Sasquatch Racing also is a well organized race company, in case you’re wondering.

Now go run!

Keli 🙂

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