My Pet Project

I have a new pet project.  Let’s call it “Operation Runner”.

newbie“Operation Runner” is my master plan to take a total non-runner and turn him into a runner while maintaining peace and harmony in my home.  That’s because the subject in this scheme is Brad, my husband of 20 years.  I know.  I’m nuts.

Brad is a 51 year-old male in overall good health but would like to improve his cardiovascular health and perhaps lose some weight throughout his midsection.

My plan is to focus on the cardio piece and getting him on the road and running. Simple, right?

Well, Brad does not like to run.  I think “hate” even crossed his lips at some point.  But I like a challenge and my goal is to turn is frown upside down  and convert my run-hating hubby!

So we started with a run-walk on a 2 mile loop in our neighborhood.  It was more like a walk-run, but no matter.  The run intervals were short and yes, much more walking than running but and at the end of the 2 miles he was feeling confident and happy with what he’d accomplished.

The biggest challenge is his getting out of bed early enough so we can go out in the morning before my planned run.  And a foot problem that’s cropped up.  So it may be a slow start but I’m confident he will succeed!  Stay tuned for updates…

Are you starting a fitness journey?   Need tips, strategies or a cheerleader in your corner?  Drop me a note, I’m happy to help!

Now go run!

Keli 🙂

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