“In Training” Mode

great to startAre you un-motivated?  Are you hitting snooze instead of going for a run, walk or (ahem) getting to your morning outdoor fitness class?  Are you eating more and working out less?  Have you thrown in the towel for the week and will “start on Monday” again?

If so, I have an assignment for you.  For the next week pretend you are “in training”.  When someone is “in training” they don’t turn off their alarm or the snooze button.  They don’t skip meals, nor do they eat a bunch of junk to provide a quick pick me up or because they are mad or frustrated.   They don’t skip workouts or cut sessions short.

When you’re “in training” you have a plan that needs to be followed very closely so you can achieve your goals.

So for the next week let’s try and pretend you are “in training”.  Schedule your workout and do them. Plan your meals so you are eating to fuel and nourish your body.  Stay hydrated.  Be focused and dedicated.

Once the week is up, try it for another week.  Then another.  Blips and bumps may happen but if you are living life like a fit person, you will accept them as just that.  A bump.  A blip.  An anomaly.  Healthy habits have become a way of life and getting back on track is as simple as the next meal or next workout.

Now go run!

Keli 🙂




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