Push Up Challenge – Day 5

The other day I dragged Brad out of his “coffee chair” and made him start the challenge with me.

As you can imagine, it’s all fun times at our house when it’s “challenge time”.  Sadly, that darling husband of mine did something to his rotator cuff about 3 months ago and is unable to lower himself down from the plank position.  Ironically, nothing has disrupted his golf swing but the boy can’t put any weight on that shoulder.  Off to the doctor for him.

Today and Saturday I get to do the Challenge with my boot-camp group but Sunday morning before my 10 mile run I’ll have to drag the 9 year old out of bed and recruit him as my push up challenge partner.

Even a trainer needs a buddy!

I digress.

Here’s your workout for today:

Warm up 3-5 minutes (walk in place, do jumping jacks, jog up and down the hall)

Perform 4 sets of push ups as follows (with a 15 second rest in between each set):

  • 8 push ups
  • 6 push ups
  • 4 push ups
  • 6 push ups

You can do Modified or Military Push Ups.

Now go run!

Keli 🙂

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