Reach Your Goal By Being a Do-er

yoda-do-or-do-notYou won’t reach your goals by trying.  Sorry, that’s harsh.  You can try and reach your goals but if you only try, you’ll fail. Better?

The truth is, you need to actively and with purpose do something every day, every hour or even every minute that supports your reaching your goal.  Whatever your goal may be.

In other words my young Padawan, you need to be a do-er.  Or a doer.  (Grammarians, help me out here.)  Think about other things in your life.  You don’t “try” to brush your teeth in the morning, you just do it.  You don’t “try” and go to work, you haul your tush out of bed and go to work.

If your goal is to get up at 5:15 am so you can make it to that awesome boot-camp class that “everyone” is talking about, you need to prepare the night before by setting your alarm, letting the troops know that you’ll be leaving early and Dad’s in charge of getting everyone up and fed.  When your alarm goes off you need to get up out of bed (not surprisingly this is where the pedal meets the metal) and get your sleepy body out the door to class.

See how many steps were involved?

If your goal is to lose 10 pounds (remember Goal Setting 101?  Have a concrete goal.) You need to create an environment that will support healthier eating, less dining out, less chances for slips.  You need to make sure that your darling husband doesn’t bring you a heart-shaped box filled with Scotchmallows at Valentine’s Day (even though you expressly told him that you didn’t want candy on this particular day – sorry, touchy subject).  You also need to have a Plan B if you go off the rails and a back-up plan for that and a back-up plan for your back-up plan.

Again, multiple steps to achieve your goal.

Sure this takes some work and some planning but having some steps in place so you can reach your goal is worth the effort now.   And wouldn’t it be nice to actually reach your goal and move on to something else instead of always trying for the same thing?

Now go run!

Keli 🙂

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