Merry Motivation

244cee9a4584ecca60a244ed6482be63Home stretch, my little elves!  Presents to be wrapped, Christmas Eve and Christmas Dinners to be planned, shopped for, or ordered.  Baking to finish or start, final touches on the decor and of course those last-minute “oh my gosh, I forgot to get a gift for so and so” dashes to CVS (no judgement please, they are open 24 hours and have great little lotions, gift sets and of course, liquor).

And for my friends of the Jewish faith, you’ve had close to 8 days of celebrations already so I know you get what I’m talking about.

Normally this would be where I insert how important exercise is and why you need to fit in a workout right NOW.  I’m sure some of you follow this blog because you can count on the fact that I don’t believe in excuses and need a swift kick in the tush.   Others appreciate my witty reparte.  🙂

Regardless, of what brings you here, let me send you out to the final days before Christmas with these:

  • If you are on a regular exercise schedule – stick with it.
  • If you are feeling stressed and overwhelmed with the holidays, get some fresh air by taking a walk in the ‘hood and check out the holiday lights.
  • If you must bake; make a lot, keep a little.
  • Breathe.
  • Now IS NOT the best time to set your New Year’s Resolution.  Wait until after Christmas – it’s just a few days.
  • Now IS the best time to think about some races or events coming up that you can run/walk in January.  Anyone can walk a 5K and you get all sorts of cool swag and a MEDAL at most races.
  • Stop before you take the 3rd of anything.  Glasses of wine, cookies, shots of Fireball…

Most importantly, enjoy the holidays.  But not too much.  January will be here in no time!

Now go run!

Keli 🙂



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