Triple Threat – 3 Days of Fitness

Before we talk about your 3rd day of Fitness workout, here’s a little pep talk.

The holidays are a minefield of food, drink, entertaining and more food and drink.  Many people simply want to hang up healthy eating and exercise “until after the holidays”.   As you may have figured out in year’s past – this can backfire.

So instead of throwing in the towel today follow these 2 little tips.

1.  Schedule 4 – 20 minute workouts each week.  Walk, take a class, do yoga, dance in your pjs with your kids.  Move.

2.  Eat what you love.  Instead of the “all or nothing” approach zero in on your favorite holiday treats and enjoy them.   In moderation.

Promise that you’ll feel better come January 1st.

Now here’s your workout!

On the 3rd day of fitness, my awesome trainer Keli gave to me….

3 Exploding Lunges,

a 2 minute wide squat hold and

a 1 minute plank!

Now go run!

Keli 🙂

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