Plank-A-Day Challenge: Day 3

Happy Hump Day!

When doing today’s workout focus on these three key points:

1. “Stand” strong in your arms.
2. Lift your belly button away from the ground towards your spine and then tighten and HOLD it up.
3. Breathe.

Ready?  Here we go!

Plank to Plank Jacks

• Start in a high or low plank position
• Keep your spine straight
• Start with your feet and thighs pressed together
• Hold the plank position for 10 seconds
• After the 10 seconds are up, jump your feet apart, then back together, repeating the Plank Jack for 10 seconds
• That’s one sequence
• Repeat this Plank to Plank Jack sequence 3 times through (for a total of 1 minute)

Knee problems?? For the plank jacks, step your legs out one at a time and back in one at a time – do not jump or hop.
Wrist problems?? Stay in a low plank.
Can’t manage the entire sequence??  No problem – cut it down to 2 or just 1 time through.  You’ll get there!

See you tomorrow!

Now go run!
Keli 🙂



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