Tough Love

You have one body to live in and one life to live. So what are you waiting for?

Take a few minutes today and write down all the reasons you want to live a healthier life (it can be physical, professional or emotional health – because not everyone is struggling with the food stuff).  Make the list as deep or as superficial as you like – but make it descriptive and long.  List it all -from wearing skinny jeans to being able to chase your child or grandchild at the park, to getting a better paying job, to being comfortable in your skin.

Now, make a second list and write down some things that are stopping you from living to your fullest potential.  Be honest and truthful because it’s just for you.  Here’s what I expect will be on many lists; no time, no babysitter for the kids, I’m too tired at night, I need my degree to get a better job, I can’t get up early to work out, I don’t have money for a trainer or to buy healthy foods, I want to wait until it’s less hectic, my family needs me, I want to lose weight first, etc.

Now take this list (your excuses list) and cross what you just wrote out.  Each and every thing on that list.  Now at the top of the page write the words “I WON’T”

Because I hate to burst your pity party bubble but the reason you have not yet reached your goals is because you won’t.  You won’t get up early to exercise.  You won’t order water instead of a soda.  You won’t put yourself first (ahead of even your kids or your family). You won’t take that night class.  You won’t get off the couch and take a walk.

Ouch.   And as much as you think I may be full of it right now, the more you think about it, the more you know that I’m pretty spot on.  Double ouch.

So here’s what you do next.  Pin or post that super long, descriptive list of all the great things you want to do on a spot that you will see often.  On the wall near your computer, on your bathroom mirror, on the fridge.  Keep a copy on your phone or taped to your dashboard.  Read this list daily, hourly or any minute you feel yourself creating excuses.

The final step is the action portion of the show.  Move your body daily.  Eat healthy, nourishing foods; foods  that make your body happy and strong.  Enjoy chocolate (in moderation).  Take a class at the local community college to sharpen your computer skills or whatever you need to go farther at work.  Find a group of people that supports the changes you are making and support them back.
Remember – you only have one body to live in and one life to live.

Now go run!

Keli 🙂





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